Available September 2019: THE DOGS OF CUBA + THE CATS OF CUBA by Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.

Discover the lives of Cuba’s dogs through the lens of award-winning photographer Emmy Park. These books are full of beautiful and raw images; explore the relationship between Cubans and their canine/feline companions that roam the colorful streets, iconic landmarks, and remote areas of Cuba. Learn about local animal rescue organizations that provide care and medical attention to dogs & cats without homes, and why they need support. Featuring every Cuban province, be transported into the daily lives of dogs & cats against the backdrop of rugged streets and lush landscapes.

Books will be available on the site in Sept. Stay tuned :)

February 2018

Meet Anton, team leader in Cardenas for All People for Animals in Cuba. On my way back to Havana, Anton was so kind to come with me to meet & help the family of pups that I love in Matanzas.
It’s not easy catching the pups-many are scared of people and won’t let them near. Negro + Negra are very people friendly & warmed up to Anton immediately.
The last photo are some of the things that Anton always carries in his bag. If you’d like to help, the amazon wish list is still open-the flea tablets would be really appreciated. Thank you again to everyone who donated.

February 2018

Meet ROSY: she was rescued by Lianet Martinez Reyes & Leslie Camacho Sosa near the airport in Santa Clara. She has severe mange & is currently being brought back to health at Lianet’s mothers’ home. 
Lianet & Leslie were both very thankful of the donated goods--Thank you to everyone who donated!!

July 2017

Having more time to prepare, with the huge support and help from LA Animal Rescue as well as friends and other supporters, I was able to bring $3,000 worth of medicines and products by Found My Animal. The medicine and products were divided among PAC Cuba & CeDA in Havana and a vet/shelter in Santa Marta.

Photo (1-3) The shelter currently houses 38 dogs and cats all rescued from the streets. Some were brought by locals, tourists or the doctor/staff themselves who found animals in need of care and of a home.


April 27-May 1, 2017

Dog & Co. x Turnstyle Photography Exhibition

A dog-friendly photography exhibition of the dogs of Cuba in the heart of NYC's underground shopping center at Columbus Circle. The exhibition drew hundreds of people and was a fantastic turnout. Postcards and photographs sold were used to support animal rescue initiatives in Havana & Santa Marta, Cuba. 


January 2017

In January this year, I connected for the first time with local rescue initiatives in Havana, Cuba. Prior to this trip, I had not been aware that there were, in fact, rescue groups in Cuba until one of my Instagram friends brought it to my attention. I was thrilled that there were people actively trying to help this cause, as it was hard to see so many dogs and cats in need of help upon my visits to the island. Using social media, I was able to raise $700 in one month and brought medicines, collars and leads to Cuba. 

Photo (1) I visited one of the volunteer's home where they had a licensed vet perform spaying and neutering on the animals in her living room. 

Photo (2) A doctor and 2 nurses perform a surgery & spaying on a cat-the surgery table was located in the narrow and small space under the stairs.